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How to write a resume

The main purpose of a resume is to secure an interview. A resume functions as a self- advertising tool to potential employers. And like an advertisement, it is supposed to convey the message to employers that you will be a valuable and beneficial asset to the company.

Hiring managers trawl through hundreds of resumes just to shortlist potential candidates. To avoid being sifted away into the rejection pile, you must ensure your resume catches their attention in a matter of seconds.

Here are five quick tips to help you write an effective resume to score that interview:

  • Use titles or headers related to desired jobs. Identify key words or job descriptions by analysing recruitment advertisements. The key words in these ads can be used in your resume as headings.
  • Concentrate on the job accomplishments, not job duties. Many resumes fall in the trap of merely listing their job responsibilities. Set yours apart from the rest by showcasing your work achievements. While most resumes provide a list of duties that each candidate has been responsible for, they do not explain the advantages of those skills to employers.
  • Use power words and be as specific as possible. Where job responsibilities and achievements are concerned, apply numbers and figures to quantify and describe them. They would look much more impressive than a run-of the-mill catalog of accomplishments.
  • Prioritise your content. When listing essential information of your job descriptions, prioritise them by importance, impressiveness and relevance to the job you are applying for.
  • Tweak and target resumes. Do not use a generic resume to send out to multiple job positions; you will generate many more interviews by modifying your resume according to each position.

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